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3 Common Techniques for Measuring Particles in Lubrication Oil

Particle counting is a critical aspect of any machine conditioning program and
there are many tools out there available to monitor and track the quantity and
severity of the contamination, be it due to external contamination or machine
wear. The specific application and type of particles will often govern what is the
best particle counting technique for the job at hand. The continuous cleanliness
of a hydraulic system, for instance, is very critical and even very low levels of dirt
ingress can clog actuators and valves leading to premature failure. On the flip
side gear and transmission systems with lots of moving parts coming together
will be able to tolerate many more wear particles than a clean hydraulic system.


Learn about methods for measuring particles in lubrication oil:

  • What are the Pros and Cons of each method?
  • Is it portable? Easy to use?
  • Is it qualitative or quantitative?