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Point of Care oil analysis (today’s on-site oil analysis) allows equipment maintainers to be more proactive and self-reliant in protecting the health of their mechanical assets. Increasing numbers of equipment maintainers are migrating to on-site tools and software solutions that provide rapid answers for immediate decision making at the asset site. 

Here are 5 Reasons Why organizations across the world are investing in Point of Care oil analysis solutions:

  • REASON #1 Rapid Analysis:  Point of care solutions provide the maintenance team with accurate answers about equipment, when needed.
  • REASON #2 Lower Maintenance Costs: Facilities who have deployed point of care solutions have justified their investment payback in as little as six months.
  • REASON #3 Simplicity Breeds Confidence: Major advances in electronics, software and sampling approaches have transformed the measurement tools for condition-based oil analysis in the last five years.
  • REASON #4 Better Analytics for Decision Making: Point of care oil analysis improves data integrity in a number of ways.
  • REASON #5 Duplicate Success with Enterprise Tools: Shared software platforms, with the same point of care solutions among multiple sites, increase efficiency within an enterprise.

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