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Plant Services

Learn the best methods to re-boot and scale your oil analysis reliability program.

TruVu 360™

This webinar explains how TruVu 360™ simplifies and streamlines the on-site oil analysis process, so high-quality information and actionable intelligence leads to effective decision making.

Engines 101

This webinar explains the basic operation of various engine types and why oil, fuel and coolant analysis are critical to keep engines up and running.

Lubricant Contamination Control with Portable Analysis Tools

Practical approaches for fleet and industrial plant maintainers to perform oil analysis on-site, improving reliability and lowering maintenance costs. 

Machinery Wear Detection with On-site Analysis

Learn the best methods for detecting, classifying, and analyzing wear on valuable equipment.

Real Time Engine Oil Analysis for Mission Critical Applications With the New MiniLab EL Series Analyzer

Find out how real time oil analysis is used by engine test and development, aerospace, locomotive, and auto racing teams to provide timely answers about their critical high-performance engines.